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The photo album links to the left represent a selection of the photos I've taken over the last year. The majority of them were taken using a Canon EOS300D digital SLR using a variety of lenses and filters. Lenses include an 18-55mm, 55-200mm and 70-300mm, filters include polarising, warming and blue. I have as of November 2007 been using a Canon EOS 40D and the results are so much better its unbelieveable!

I will be adding other older photos taken with my old 35mm compact once I get round to scanning the photos in.

Below is a random photo from the collection on this site, if you wish to view all the photos, follow one of the links to the right and browse through the galleries

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Ria Protheroe

Ria Protheroe

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Photo Technical Data

Camera Used : Canon EOS 300D

Lens Used : Canon EF 18-55mm

Focal Length : 18.0mm

Aperture Size : F22

Shutter Speed : 1/100Sec

Shooting Date : 28 July 2007


Ria Protheroe